Zero Tolerance For Scene Politics

by JïG

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released December 2, 2016

recorded with bone at the lodge studio
album art by: Tom Philibeck
thank you to rockstar frozen lime, king cobra malt liquor, trucker speed, and midwest hardcore.



all rights reserved


Dog Years Records Central, Illinois

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Track Name: ZTFSP (Feat. Jon Clapp)
make no progress, and run your mouth
pretend like you know what we're about

zero tolerance for scene politics

where were you when we built this?
getting fucked up with art school kids
rolling your eyes and talking shit
spoiled brat and a hypocrite

we're ready
for you to drop out, or quit running your mouth
you're racking up debt
keep pushing your luck, and see what you get

see what you fucking get
Track Name: Marching In Line
Tuck your tail between your legs
Spit between straight white teeth
Acting like nothing is wrong
Every breath breeds complacency
Living life inside your kingdom
Perfect world built in your mind
Your empty words aren't changing shit.
Internet activist, marching in line
Left foot and right foot
Conforming and marching
You're not a hero, not changing lives
Fake sympathy, exploiting their cries
You hide behind a screen, boosting your ego
high off the suffering of innocent people
You look at the problem with your own two eyes
but turn your back because you lost your fucking spine
ignore injustice, hipster fuck.
Internet activist. Marching in line
Track Name: I Thought You Were Supposed To Be Dead
Irrelevant asshole, real cool guy
Run to your laptop to bleed and to cry
Clearly too jaded, you don't understand
Time, and pleasure slip through your hand
If you don't care, than why do you bother?
Make your pedestal on the back of another
Made it a point to object and oppose,
But in the end, you were the first to go.
Remember when you were still involved?
Because now you're a bitter shell of what you used to be
A feeble hopeless dog
No intimidation
Your time has come
I'll put you down
I'll cut you down
I thought you were supposed to be dead you'd be better off with a bullet in your head
Nobody cares about your glory days
Your words mean nothing, you fucking disgrace
Track Name: On Your Own
Run your mouth, you two faced bitch
You think you're fucking slick
I don't know what the hell you think
Your head is fucking thick
So you talk, and you talk
But no one will ever give a fuck
I don't know why you come to me, thinking that we're cool
Not this time you're on your own
Push away with every word, never coming back
Not this time you're on your own
You're on your own
You, on your fucking own
On your fucking own
Track Name: J.I.G (Hate Humanity II)
Every word spoken will be a waste of breath
Every action taken will be a waste of your time
You brought this on yourself.
I'm through with the world.
J.I.G/We don't like you
J.IG/We don't care
Justice in genocide
Defective species
Waste of life
Rape the earth for your profit
Steal, kill, objectify
Useless. Less than human
Bred to kill. Live to die.
Track Name: Spineless & Alone
I'm so sick of everything you claim to protect
Preaching equality unless we disagree
Afraid to speak my mind
Punished for not having your opinion
White knight cloaked in self righteousness
Carry your ego like a sword
Cut down the innocent to rise to your position
So high on your opinion of yourself
The truth is you're spineless and alone
You chose to bite the hand that feeds
Crowned yourself the king on your throne of judgement
Sit back and pick apart their lives.
Pick and choose what you believe
Trendy anti-everything
Track Name: Point Blank
They don't like it when others get it
They don't get it when others don't
Take that whole set of rules you follow and cram it down my fucking throat
Why do you think you have a clue
as to what happens inside my mind?
There's real problems, and we could solve them if you could just stop policing mine
And I can't let you control me
Why can't you just let me breathe?
Point blank- we owe nothing to you
Not sorry you can't handle the truth
Point blank
Track Name: Down On My Luck
Fucked up world, scarred by what I see
Never gonna live how you want me to be

Pushed around and I'm down on my luck
I'm broke, angry, and I don't give a fuck
Nobody ever listens, and life isn't fair
No one gives a shit, don't expect me to care

Mind control, tell me what I am
Never gonna listen, not a part of your plan
You cling to chains, and tell me that you're free
May be foolin yourself but you're not fooling me

Pushed around and I'm down on my luck
I'm broke, angry, and I don't give a fuck
Nobody ever listens, and life isn't fair
No one gives a shit, don't expect me to care
Get your ass back in line
Forfeit yourself, hand me your spine
Suck the system, stroke the rules
Final agenda; society's fools

I can't take anymore
Pushed me in the corner, so I'm walking out the door
Can't take anymore
Watch myself bleeding on the fucking floor